In memory of deacon Fowler

In memory of deacon Thomas Fowler, he has gone to be with our Lord on March 6, 2017. He was a loyal and faithful servant and a long time member of the First Baptist Church of California City. He will surely be missed.

Memorial Service for Thomas Fowler will be March 18, 2017, 11:00 am at Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church, 357 E Palmer Compton, CA 90221,

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In Memory of Thomas video

Deacon Chairman

He has been married for 24 years with 2 daughters. A member of the church for 12 years. Severs as the personnel committee chairman and tends building & grounds. He teaches Sunday School/Life Bible Study, as well as holding the position as chairman of the deacons.

Life Bible Study Director

Ed has been married 30 years, 3 kids, 1 son, 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren, 1 boy and 1 girl, Director of Social Services, Skilled Nursing Home for 10 years, retired USAF, Church member 12 yrs, Deacon 25 years. Sunday School/Life Bible Study Director, Co-Leader of Men’s Ministry.

Church Administrator

New married to Patricia, widower of 25 year marriage to Cindy, father to a son & daughter, retired USAF, presently Systems Engineer Senior Manager, church member for 21 years, deacon for 12. Serves as Building Manager, Church Moderator, Adult Sunday Teacher, Nominating Committee Chairman.


Married 36 years, 4 kids, 4 boys, (42, 40, 26, 23) 1 grandson 13, School Administrator Church Member 12 years, Deacon 3years. He also service in the Church on the Building & Grounds team, Personnel Committee and is a Church Trustee.


Married 30 years to Jamie McCalebb, 2 grown sons (and a daughter-in-law), 1 granddaughter, Employed with Lockheed Martin Aerospace at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. Retired USAF, Church member since 2011, Has served as deacon in other churches since 1986 and now serving here since 2013.


Married 37 years, 1 daughter, 1 son, grandchildren, 20 years as Official Mail Center Manager for Edwards Air Force Base Post Office, Retired USAF. He has been a Church member 20 yrs, Deacon 15 yrs.